Monday, June 21, 2010

with love

hapie fathers day to my dad


abah, thanx for you love,thanx for your care to me,

thanx for always remind me when ever im wrong,

thanx for educated me with ur love and care,

thanx for being there when ever i need u,

thanx for always giving me hope and trust me,

there is no words can describe how much i appreciate all u did to me

and there is no words can describe how much i love u, abah..

money and wealth could'nt enough to buy ur care n ur love...

love u abah so much


azhar aka ja'ah said...

happy fathers day.. uncle idris rafiq.. from azhar

eliiyana said...

hapie fathers day to uncle abd ghaffar

azhar aka ja'ah said...

lg satu???

azhar aka ja'ah said...

jgn lupa abah - md hamzah hj md pilus bersama adik beliau abdul ghafar hj md pilus huhu

eliiyana said...

yela..kita tak pasan la awk comment..
sowie la