Thursday, June 17, 2010


i pledge not to texting or on the phone while driving..

Recently i watched Oprah show, it realized me that talking on the phone or even just by texting can cause a major disaster, or fatal accident that took life of maybe our own mom, dad, brother, sister and even friends.

Dont think that you are so good in texting without looking at the phone can prevent u for any accident. you are so WRONG!!!!!! you can be one of the thousand out there that cause accident and even one of them who took other people beloved once.

it is a fact that

when you are on the phone: it is 4 times more dangerous than you drunk
when you are on texting: it is 8 times more dangerous than you drunk

it all can be happen while u driving...

if u are driving without any distraction you will have 100% focus on the road..

but...if you were driving with any distraction cause by texting or on the phone you are only able to see 40% of you road..

so is it worth it to testing or on the phone rather than your life and other people life?? think about that??????

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