Friday, June 22, 2012

dinner at Ben's Solaris

Having dinner for mom birthday at Ben's Solaris Damansara, although we have to wait quiet a long time due to pack of people...but we are totally satisfied with the range of food serve together with the food.

Frankly, the food were awesomeeeeeeee and so damn good...worth it with the price (quite affordable).. the environment in the restaurant were comfort and pleasant.

So readers try and enjoy yourself here.....they also have another branch at Pavi....i think soo....hehehe

my cutie and chubby adyan 

range of food to be choose

brought a book for aniq..
see his face...looks very interested on the book...
kejap je....!!!

my sister in law and my mom

ceaser salad yg sgt sedap

Spanish and seafood spaghetti

Soft crab and creamy sauce...which is damn good...

nice...but tak ingat nama dah

future bride and groom

curry laksa yg boleh share 3 org 
position yg sgt besar

nasi lemak special...
which is memang special habis..
got ayam, sotong, kerang and etc..

our dessert
banana and peanut ice cream..

i have fun....
i love to eat..
that's who i am...

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