Monday, April 18, 2011

entry khas-farayha shukri

siapa kah gadis cun diatas nie yea...?

saya rasa akak sure akan bace blog saya here are the special thing about you..

N - nice and neat as the person she is
U - understanding whenever you need her opinion
R - respond to ur call and sms asap...
U - unique as she has diff character that can make you smile always
L - loving as she do care on her friendship

F - faithful on listening to others problem
A - acceptance on others weaknesses especially me..hehehe
R - relax, as she is the most calm person i ever seen
E - enjoyable as she is the person that you can laugh 24 hours a day
H - helpful whenever you ask for her help
A - Allah will always be with you no matter what...
H - hapie besday to my dearest kak fa...

~sorry for the late wishes~

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