Friday, February 4, 2011

hollywood street

several pictures to share with the viewers...this is call the Hollywood street..most of the live show conduct di sini...

the main entrance after ticket counter...sgt happening with lots of restaurant, mostly ape yg di jual di hollywood and most of the survenior shop ada kat sini.. banyak yang cantik2,not that expensive, kena pandai cari la...overall memg happening disini...baru permulaan dah happening..

at the hollywood street nie ada "silver screen collectibles" yang jual celebrities collectibles plaques yang straight from the hollywood walk of fame... and ad kedai yg dipanggil "superstar candies" yang offer pelbagai choice of candy and mcm2 lagi

ho popcorn any want??? memg best...asik bau melty butter n caramel sugar jer...sgt sedap setiap kali lalu kat area nie...then they giving a unique boxes utk it quite expensive for a box of popcorn..tapi for those yg suka collect unique is a right choice to buy the popcorn.

first entrance after the beverly hills garage....dreamwork store yag jual sgt cute dreamwork teddy characters..i had buy one for my lovely aniq...hehehe...convert to MYR bolah tahan la dlm RM60...tapi demi aniq mak su beli gak...hehehe

~continue in the next post~

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